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You think you're pretty spiritually enlightened, don't you, big shot? You think you're so fricking ineffable. You think you're so chock full of the inner light fantastic that you pick your teeth with a sliver of the True Cross and spit Holy Water. You think you're hep to the jive?

Think again, chump! The Van Gogh-Goghs are privy to the Secrets of the Universe, and when we feel particularly benevolent we deign to share one of these great, capital "T" Truths with you, Mister or Missus Websurfer. So confident are we in the unshakable truth of our statement that we triple-dog dare you to
Prove Us Wrong!

There's a lot of things you probably never, ever think about. And I'd bet most of those things are Andy Capp. I can't imagine ANYONE, even anyone BRITISH having the purity and blankness of mind to allow any thought about Andy Capp to seep in. And yet, just today, that Guiness-swilling, wife-beating limey layabout forced himself into my thoughts with the ruthless abandon of Andy himself on the rugby field. In a weird, inexplicable fever, I was motivated to draw an image of Andy Capp on the whiteboard. And that's when I realized this...

RESOLVED: As of this date (10/3/02) This is the only image of Andy Capp drawn on any whiteboard in the known universe.

Andy Capp. Damn.

So Prove Us Wrong! Already.

Well there it is. Email us your diatribes, rants and flames here. Try to keep it clean, willya? Children might surf here. Did I mention your email will become our property and that you have given us permission to post your email here? Cause it's true! And that then everyone can see what lousy spelling and punctuation you people have. So what are you waiting for, wuss? Christmas? C'mon and Prove Us Wrong!

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