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How you run says more about your game than anything else. Without a poor showing at running, you really cannot suck at basketball.

The key to the athletic run is the overrun. Always run, but always run past the spot you need to be. Let's say the person you're guarding is dribbling down the court, and you're right against them. If your opponent stops, you run a couple of steps past, then come back. Your opponent runs to the goal, run past the goal. Aggressively. You'll still look athletic, but you will also be ineffective. You'll suck.

As long as you give the impression that this is how you really run, there is no wrong way to run like a spaz. Let me say that again: there is no wrong way to run like a spaz. Well, maybe running athletically is wrong, but the exception proves the rule. If you're a Monty Python fanatic and you want to pay homage to the Ministry of Silly Walks, fine. Just remember to be consistent.

I call my personal style of spaz run the Velociraptor. Here's how you can do it:

  • Keep your upper arms snugly against your torso at all times.
  • Extend your forearms straight out.
  • Keep your wrists limp.
  • Push your buttocks out.
  • Extend your legs straight out.
  • Make ground contact with your toes, not your heels
Use the Velociraptor if you want, or create your own. The important thing is be creative, be consistent, and be spazzy!

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