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He's a doofus and here's photographic proof

Rob Terrell

Height: 9' 11"
Weight (Brain pan): Ten pounds
Special skills: Telephone dialing (local calls only)
Fun fact: Has six fingers on left hand
Notable Achievements: Founder of the Cinema Pathetique school of cinema (a motion picture version of those crying-clown paintings)
Awards: Simultaneous holder of both the "Most Westward Van Gogh-Gogh Award" and the "Extreme Easternmost Van Gogh-Gogh Crown"

Hello, my name is Rob. I are a rather large doofus, confidentially, just between you and me. I am such a doofus that I had T. Mike write my web page, that is to say, the page you're reading right now! I am such the nimrod. If you were to run into me on the street, you would hear me saying things such as "Duh, I am stoopid" and "Hello, my name is Rob, you know, the doofus you may have heard tales of." I am also reknowned for my stench; in particular, the buttocks are quite ripe. How I get through the day without a well-deserved face slapping is beyond me. If you see me, please, I beg of you -- slap my face, hard as you can, and please be kind and remind me of my buttock stench. It is so foul.

Attention: Rob has given birth. Or at least, he did his part in a birthing process.

Other crap written by Rob you might find on this web site:

If I was stuck on a desert island and I could only take ten albums, none of them would be by you, so quit asking already.


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