Dr. Sodas

Dr. Sodas We Don't Have

...and there will be sodas and rumors of sodas...

Here is the list of ones we have yet to track down. Some of them may exist in rumor only. Included are reported location sightings. We, the Van Gogh-Goghs make no claim as to the bonafide accuracy of any of this information, which is compiled from every other doctor soda website we could find. We thank them all.
  1. Braum's Special - Braum's, Parsons, KS
    Okay, this is only here for completeness' sake. It tastes like a Dr Pepper rip-off, but it is not named like a Dr Pepper rip-off. See also Texas Fizz.
  2. Doc Holiday- I know nothing about this soda. Except the only place I've ever seen it available, ever, is online at www.popsoda.com
  3. Dr. Blast - soft drink machines in the four United States Military Academies: Naval Academy in Annapolis, Military Academy in West Point, Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and the Coast Guard Academy in New London / available at 120 Navy Exchanges worldwide
  4. Dr. Brunos - Brunos, Birmingham, AL
  5. Dr. Cheaper* - CHEAPER! stores, operated by The Customer Company, HQ'ed in Benicia CA - Fun Fact: CEO John Roscoe also owns Cigarettes Cheaper! and is a libertarian. Funner fact: The HQ has a giant dinosaur named Dixie in front designed by him.
  6. Dr. Cheer - IGA grocery, NC
  7. Dr. Cheers - We have been informed that in addtion to Dr. Cheer, there is Dr. Cheers as well.
  8. Dr. Choice- The other American Choice brand, not the Best Choice brand, which we have.
  9. Dr. Cool - Bruno's grocery store, Tallahassee, FL
  10. Dr. D - Delchamps, New Orleans (?)
  11. Dr. Dazzle - Bob's AF Super, Sedalia, MO
  12. Dr. Diablo* - Shasta Beverages, Inc. 1980's
  13. Dr. Dynamite - Full name, Aunt Mabel's Dr. Dynamite. DBC Foods, MN
  14. Dr. Enuf - A vitamin-enriched non-clone, available in VA & TN. Charles doesn't count this one. Here's a fan site.
  15. Dr. Faygo- This particular flavor of the Faygo brand is no longer in existence.
  16. Dr. Flag* - Grand Street, New York City
  17. Dr Foots - Bavaria Beer Company, Netherlands 19/06/97
  18. Dr. Gibb's* - Gibson's Original Soda, US
  19. Dr. HyTop - Brookshire's, Eastern Texas / Sack & Save, Denton, TX /Super H Foods, Vinita, OK
  20. Dr. Hy-Vee- Dr. Hy-Vee?
  21. Dr. K - Kash n' Karry Food Stores, Land O' Lakes, FL
  22. Dr. Lariat*
  23. Dr. Loony's - Great Britain 20/02/98- actually this is like Dr. Brown's here, they make a range of flavors. Here's a pic.
  24. Dr. Marsh* ?
  25. Dr. Nehi - No longer exists. Believed to have existed in the 1970's.
  26. Dr. Ozark*
  27. Dr. Parade*
  28. Dr. Path* from the Pathmark chain in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. And one in Delaware.
  29. Dr. Pep*
  30. Dr. Pip* - reported to me as existing in Atlantic Beach, NC -fountain only
  31. Dr. Polar* - Charlottesville, VA
  32. Dr. Pop - Lotsa, Bloomington, IN
  33. Dr. Pride - Homeland Stores, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK
  34. Dr. Quencher - Spartan Stores, Inc., Greenville, MI
  35. Dr. Radical - P&C Foods, Hartwick Seminary, NY / Big Y Store, Springfield, MS
  36. Dr. Randalls
  37. Dr. Red & White
  38. Dr. Rescue - Uh, apparently for firefighters only.
  39. Dr. Rush - R. J. Corr Naturals, Inc. Fayetteville, AR
  40. Dr. S - Food World/Food Fair, Mobile, AL / Shoppers Food Warehouse, Virginia / Southern Home, Birmingham, AL
  41. Dr. Select
  42. Dr. Shaw's - Shaw's Supermarkets, Milford, NH
  43. Dr. Slice - Pepsi, nationally distributed
  44. Dr. Slots*
  45. Dr. Smith's* - Utah
  46. Dr. South - location unknown
  47. Dr. Sparks*
  48. Dr. Springtime - Summer 1998 location unknown
  49. Dr. Sweet - ALDI?, No Longer Available? ALDI is a German-based grocery chain. I went to an ALDI in Rock Hill, SC but I did not find any Dr. Sweet, so I cannot confirm this one.
  50. Dr. Taste*
  51. Dr. Tex - Metro Food Warehouse, Lake Worth, TX
  52. Dr. Thirst - Roger's Food Center, Lawrence, KS
  53. Dr. Tops - Tops Markets, Inc. Buffalo, NY / Niagara Falls, NY
  54. Dr. Up* - a Sam's Club in Georgia
  55. Dr. Urge - 2 October 1998 Local gas station, Two Rivers, WI
  56. Dr. W - Wegmans Supermarkets, Rochester, NY / Williamsport, PA
  57. Dr. Whoa!* - Schmidt's Groceries, Michigan
  58. Dr. X* Wow, Dr. X! Wish I had this one.
  59. Dr. Zeppa* - 24 Select/The Store 24, Boston, MA / Providence, R.I.
  60. Dr. Zestee - Dominick's, Mount Prospect, IL
  61. Dr. Zing - Super G, Inc., Landover, MD / Annandale, VA
  62. Dr. Zipp* - Holiday Company 1996
  63. Mr. Piggy* - Or possibly Mr. Pig. Allegedly the southeastern supermarket chain Piggly Wiggly carried this. It is now defunct, if it did, in fact exist.
  64. Texas Fizz - Phar-Mor Inc., Shawnee, KS / Overland Park, KS. Another one included only for completeness' sake. It tastes like a Dr Pepper rip-off, but it is not named like a Dr Pepper rip-off.

Okay, perusing the Nostalgiaville site, I came across a number of now sadly defunct antique doctor named sodas. Here they are: Mr. Elmer, Dr. Beck's, Dr. Dadirrian's Zoolak, Dr. Davis, Dr. Herring's Ginger Ale, Dr. Mac's, Dr. Mutch's, Dr. Nut, Dr. Paul's, Dr. Phillips Fruit Juice, Dr. Sed, Dr. Swett's Root Beer, Dr. Stearn's, and just plain ole "Doc's."

Dr. Nut was featured in the book "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole.

I must also now inform you that I would gleefully kill you for a bottle of Dr. Dadirrian's Zoolak. You understand.

© copyright 1999; 2000; 2001 The Van Gogh-Goghs

* This doctor soda is only rumored to exist. We cannot confirm or deny it yet.