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Dr. Sodas

Dr. Buzz - it's from Canada, eh?
(Photo courtesy of B.J. McDevitt)

A Special Report from This Guy

Dr Quencher has been found to exist! Here's a picture sent in to us by a helpful netizen to prove it. Um,that's it really. Sorry to get you all excited.

Okay, that's not actually it. Dr Quencher (no dot after the "Dr" apparently) is a product of Spartan Brand Foods, based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their stores have a variety of names: Glen's, VG's, Great Day, Food Town, Prevo's, Family Fare, The Pharm, and Ashcraft's. They're sprinkled throughout the states of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. My informant, B.J. McDevitt, says it can be got in 12 oz cans (as pictured) and in 2-liter plastic bottles. It's pretty cheap, too he got 4 cans for $1.09.

Dr. Nut - from the front.
The Front.
Dr. Nut - from the back.
The Back.
Made Famous by the Novel...

Our compatriot and comrade in New Orleans, Alec Vance (pictured),
Mr. A. Vance

procured himself an antique painted glass bottle of Dr. Nut in 2001. Apparently, they're hard to find and expensive. Dr. Nut is marginally famous for being mentioned in John Kennedy Toole's novel set in New Orleans, A Confederacy of Dunces. He wrote the novel in the early sixties, and committed suicide in 1969. His mother wrangled to get the book published posthumously, succeeding in 1980. There hasn't been any Dr. Nut for a while now. Decades, even.

The front of the bottle reads "It's a Food, Not a Fad"

The back of the bottle reads, uh, well, I took a pretty crappy photo, so I'm not sure exactly. It's a list of ingredients, obviously and the name and address of the bottling company.

By The Way...

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Dr. Nut - it's from N'awlins, y'heah?
I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut.
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