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As much as it galls us to admit it, we weren't the first to catch on to this whole "Doctor Soda" thing. As is true with much of the Internet, not one, but several folks beat us to the punch. So we liberally researched (i.e., stole from) their sites to put together our superior, uber-site! So now to make it all nice and legal, all we have to do is list our sources:

The Dr Pepper "Clone" Page

Wouldn't You Like To Be A Pepper, Too?



OOO's ongoing list of Dr Pepper clones

The Authoritative Doctor Soda Page Authoratative, my hiney! Two dozen sodas listed, tops. Piffle!

The Dr. is IN!!! This completely uninformative page is just a mere list of doctor sodas. It did list three for which I could find no other mention: Dr. Dynamite, Dr. Slots & Dr. Springtime. But otherwise, it's not so exciting.

Dr Kenton's Generic Dr Peppers Page This guy's pretty on the ball when it comes to doctor sodas- I've traded cans with him a few times. Go vist Kentonville, why dontcha?

Here's the relevant section of The Highly Unofficial alt.fan.dr-pepper FAQ.

Oh, to be listed here one day!

Soda Pop Dreams is a zine for soda pop collectors and enthusiasts. Well, the website for the zine for soda pop collectors and enthusiasts.

Here's an interesting industry-type resource: BevNET, the beverage network. They'll put you on their links page for only $100 for a 2 year listing! At that price how can you afford not to?BevNET Logo

Order effete snob sodas online at Beverages Direct. They're affiliated with BevNET.

You can get hardcore industry-type info from Beverage Digest Online, some kinda online industry trade mag.

You can get some more good, solid industry-type info here at the National Soft Drink Association (NSDA) web site.

The Museum of Beverage Containers & Advertising site has got that weird hardcore antique collectors vibe. You know, the kind of people who would gleefully kill you just to get on PBS' Antiques Roadshow.

Hey, those suits at Shasta never responded to my email asking what's the deal with Doc Shasta vs Dr. Shasta. Harumph. Go bug 'em once for me, willya?

Whoa, check out the crazy early Dr. Pepper cans. They're called "conetops."

Oh, and I spose you could view the Dr. Pepper Museum if felt the need to be an even bigger corporate tool than us.

Guess what? Your recycling bin is there because the soda companies don't want refillable glass bottles. Or so says the essay The Blue Box Conspiracy.

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