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MP3 Monday - More Dang Dinosaurs

Zither, tom-toms, and uh, something!Today we have a rerun of sorts, back by semi-popular demand! Of all our MP3 Monday entries, the most popular by far is the 1978 kid's record Our Dinosaur Friends- for the Early Years. We featured the "Tyrannosaurus Rex" track then, but here' s the whole dang album! Well, side one.

Download (19.6 MB)

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM not responsible for any disemboweling, mauling, decapitation, loss of limb(s), or being eaten from listening to mp3s.

Next Week: Uh, I dunno. Something involving... chickens? Sure. Chickens.


Thanks soooo much!

man, this music is hard to find. thank you for posting it. Any chance you could post the other side of the record? It has the great 'Tyranosaurus Rex' song.

Thanks for posting this music! Do you have more? I would love to have both sides :)

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