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MP3 Monday: Dinosaurs!

Zither, tom-toms, and uh, something!Today's installment of MP3 Monday is all about the dinosaurs, and no, not that weird live action Henson muppet show, and no not about Was (Not Was) walking them. No, we're going back before even Jurassic Park II, to a 1978 kid's record called Our Dinosaur Friends- for the Early Years. First off, um, I hate to tell you children this, but dinosaurs aren't really your friends. They are only pretending so they can eat you later. Second, Tyrannosaurus is the scary king of the dinosaurs, and it's good to be the king! The only thing scarier than Tyrannosaurus Rex ? Imagine Tyrannosaurus Rex voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft, or someone trying to imitate him. Still not scary enough? Oh yeah? Well, what if that same T. Rex was, say, Asian?! Listen to the track "TyrannosaurusRex" - now you're scared!

Download (2:36 / 4.2 MB)

What the hey, here's the WHOLE danged album (well, side 1):

Download (23.3 MB)

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM not responsible for any disemboweling, mauling, decapitation, loss of limb(s), or being eaten from listening to mp3s.

Next Week: Uh, I dunno. Something involving... chickens? Sure. Chickens.


I've been looking for this for ages! Would you mind to e-mail me, please?

Where did you find this??? This is really random but do you know where I can find that dinosaur tape???

Great! I have been searching for months to find the album "Our dinosaur friends for the early years." Do you have it? I'm looking for one song in particular, "Triceratops." Would you e-mail me and let me know if you would be willing to share it?

I grew up with this record! Is there any way you would be willing to email me a copy of the mp3 file for this song or any others you may have from the album?

Let me know if there is any music you would want to trade - I have quite a collection.


Does that have the song on it that goes triceratops with three long horns, a frill hwere his neck goes? IF so would you email me about possibly getting a copy of it-maybe on mp3?

Do you have more songs from this ablum? If so, I'd love to get a hold of them, please email me,

I loved this as a kid. Do you have the pterodactyl song? How can I get a copy of these songs, even the lyrics would be great? Thanks so much!

Where on earth did you find this song? I see I'm not alone in my love for these dinosaur songs from elementary school! I've been trying to sing them to my daughter's but remembering lyrics is time consuming! If you could share what you have, I think I speak for thousands of others when I say we'd be ever so grateful!

Yes, we have the rest of the album! DOWNLOAD HERE (19.6 MB)

I can't download the T-Rex song, but I downloaded the others fine. Will you e-mail it to me so that I can save it on my computer? Thank you, thank you for posting these!!!

I also would like the T-Rex song emailed to me if possible. I have been looking for this album for ages. I grew up with this album and wanted to share it with my nephew. Thank you so much!

Do you happen to have the companion album to this one? The Intermediate Years?

Thanks so much for the download. This is the greatest album. Lost mine 20 years ago. I faked all the words and tunes since! My kindergarten class is so excited. I really built up the T-Rex song and thought it was on the download and today they were so bumbed it wasn't there...help. I have to have it or the kids will freak out if I tell them I can't find it. Can you send it to me as an attachment? ANYONE, ANYONE?

So glad to find you. How can I get this music? My tape machine just ate the cass and I have some unhappy toddlers. Can I get them mpe emailed?


Can you tell me if and how I could get this album on a CD? I have been using this album for 20 years at our preschool. I really need a CD. Thanks for any help you can give.

THE WHOLE of SIDE 1 IS NOW AVAILABLE! Use the second link!

My daughter came home from preschool singing these songs. I had to have it for my own classroom. Thank you so much! This is such a valuable resource!

My daughter came home from preschool singing these songs. I had to have it for my own classroom. Thank you so much! This is such a valuable resource!

Great Resource! I teach at Harrison School, LAUSD. I was looking for this album last year, 2007. I asked our teacher resource room cleck if we had this album. She told me you mean"Dinosaur Friends", the one that a teacher here wrote years ago. I know what you are talking about.I think her name was Pam Johnson."

Small world after all! I couldn't believe it. She gave me the songs on a tape but the sounds overlapped and were distorted.It was not a clear recording and not useful. Later, I found my album in my garage but I didn't have a record player that could play it, let alone allow for for import to a digitial converter. You saved the day!

In the very rooms I am teaching in now with cinderblock walls and the open classrooms of the 1970's, a special teacher had the freedom and the creativity to come up with dinosaur songs that motivate and teach children. How far has the pendulum swung away from child centered activities at this school. Now may the spirtis of these Harrison dinosaurs return. Thank you so much!

Boom, Boom, Boom, this story does have a happy ending!

This is AWESOME!! A friend shared these songs with me but we could not find a cd- she has the original record! This is the only place we could find it! Thank you so very much!

Thank you so much! I am so excited to have this recording. I've been looking for it for quite a while.

do you have the back side of the album on mp? that side is just the music. My wife is a teacher and has been using her album for years but the side two has some deep scratches.

Thank you

That Triceratops song was seared into my brain at such a young age, that 20 years later it still pops into my conscious mind every now and then. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE UPLOADED IT FOR DOWNLOAD. THANK YOU. Seriously, haha.

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