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Van Gogh-Goghs Successfully Predict Future!!!

Ripped from today's headlines: Mary-Kate Olsen has big kiss -- with Ben Kingsley. Here's a fair use snippet: "Brace yourself: In her upcoming movie, Mary-Kate Olsen locks lips with Ben Kingsley. Yes, the one-time adorable tyke turned teenage titan, and Gandhi... Olsen is now 21. Kingsley is 63. Their film, "The Wackness," is slated for release next year."

A mere seven years ago, we, The Van Gogh-Goghs, published this article on our website:
Call My Age-nt! : "VGG Films broke the secrecy surrounding their summer offering, "Zombie Perv: A Love Story." The film features Mary-Kate Olsen, 14, as a cemetery keeper's daughter who falls head over heels for "Gramps," a reanimated corpse played (in a marvelous piece of casting) by the actual reanimated corpse of William Hickey, who was 69 when he died in 1997."

and now it has come absolutely stone cold true!! More or less. Sorta. *Cough* The gist of the prediction is true. Even if it wasn't really a prediction. Look, Mary-Kate Olsen is kissing some dude old enough to be her grandfather!!! We predicted it. Totally!!!

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