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WTF Friday - Sign here for porn!

This week's found weirdness is from 1969. Huh huh, sixty-nine. Get it? Huh huh huh. And our sniggering is entirely appropriate! This piece of paper is a waiver form you had to sign back in the day to go see the porno film Infrasexum.

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Now you had to be a fairly ballsy trenchcoated creep to go to porno theater back then, so imagine that after you've gotten your courage up to go to a real live porno theater, turned up your trenchcoat collar so no one will see you, paid in nice, untraceable cash, and then they thrust this at you- sign here, name, address, ekcetera! Um, that's a boner killer for sure. I'm sure that many an "I.P. Freely" and "Harry Balls" signed that form. Perhaps they lived at 123 Main Street? Yes, very likely. Now we have the Internet, and even infants can download porn right in the safety of their own crib! Much better, right?

Anyhoo, we've submitted this puppy as an entry in the coolest ephemera contest that the ephemera- exploring the world of old paper blog is having!


Hey, this waiver won 2nd place in the ephemera contest! Not too shabby!

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