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MP3 Monday - Sci Hi Fi

Bobby Goldsboro, please find a better barber!

On July 2, 1947 SOMETHING landed in Roswell, New Mexico. What, precisely, has been a matter of tense, speculative wheel-spinning for generations of people who really need to get out more. Musically, however, it's an excuse for this week's science-fiction-related song! Bobby Goldsboro, one of the ugliest people to ever have a hit in the 1960s, recorded the insane post-apocalyptic song "The World Beyond," (from his 1968 Word Pictures album) where Grandpa reminisces to junior about fantastic things that no longer exist, like trees.

Download (3.9MB / 2:23)

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM blah blah blah blah blah blah nobody reads this blah blah blah blah are you being probed? blah blah blah space misbehavin' .

NEXT WEEK ... Junkyard grab bag of crazy quilt miscellanous smorgasbord !
*The environmentally conscious 70s song by TommyNations "Whatcha Gonna Do When The Onzone Goes."

*Mr. Rogers' "Troll Talk." Yes, THE Misterrogers.

*Great terrible swingin' cocktail jazz song-poem: "The Golf Song" by Ralph Lowe.

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