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MP3 Monday - You Are Special

Yes even scum like you are special to Mister Rogers!

Mister Rogers cut many albums for kids, but no track as oddly nonsensical as this one, "Troll Talk," from his "You Are Special" album. No not that kind of "special," you sniggering jackanape. The good, life-affirming kind of special. People like to make fun Mister Rogers. But frankly, those people can go to hell. Mister Rogers was a saint and those people aren't worthy to lick either the dress shoes he changed out of, nor the sneakers he changed into at the start of every episode of MisteRogers' Neighborhood.

Download (2.4MB / 1:30)

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NEXT WEEK ... It's the birthday of Michael Flatley, Laird of the Riverdance!!! So we're going to Irish it up! Down a Guiness and vote between:

*Dennis Leary's "Traditional Irish Folk Song"

*Tom Lehrer's "The Irish Ballad"

*and... uh... "Christmas in Kilarney" by Bing Crosby.

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