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MP3 Monday - Toonesbury

It's Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau's birthday! So we have a track from a fictional 1970s sensitive singer-songwriter he created, Jimmy Thudpucker. A whole album of his "greatest hits" was put out in 1978. This is a special "live" version of one of them from a radio promo version of the album. Enjoy the laid-back yacht rock of "Stop! In the Middle of Your Life."

Download (6.8 MB / 4:10)

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NEXT WEEK ... Hey, that Simpsons movie will be out then, right? We'll do something for that.


Hey, Guys -

What a flashback to hear my song on your site. I'm Jimmy Brewer, the singer/songwriter who wrote and sang "Stop in the Middle of Your Life" as Jimmy Thudpucker all those many years ago. I'm now an actor and producer living in San Francisco. I closed three days ago in the title role of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov in production of the play "Chekhov in Yalta."

It's nice to know that a few people remember me as "J.R.T."!!! Thanks!

James Allen Brewer
Producing Artistic Director
A-J Productions

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