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WTF Friday - Viet Keane!

This painting. Oy. Found it in a thrift store in Pittsboro, NC last year. Three bucks and worth every penny.

Hipsters know about the big-eyed kid paintings of the 1960s by Margaret Keane, the cutting edge of ghastly appalling kitsch of its day, like Hummel figurines, Tom Clark gnomes, or Thomas Kinkaide's faux-Victorian "light" paintings. This is NOT a genuine Keane, but a knockoff, and not just a knockoff, but a BIZARRE Vietnam soldier version, replete with a sickly-sweet, glurge-y poem that isn't event broken up into the correct lines:

A Mother's love is like a rose hung on your chest
It reveals beauty and charm at its best
My Mother's love is the world you see
For it means so very much to me
I'm so glad that God above
gave to me such a Mother's Love

Hallmark, fire up those copyright lawyers! Also the painting has a handly spot where you can customize the signature. Here it's Larry. Larry, um, did you really think your Mom's was gonna like this present? Well, it's the thought that counts and war is hell.

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