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MP3 Monday - Flatley-lining

In honor of the birthday of Michael Flatley, Lard of the Dunce, we have an Irish song fer ye. Okay, this track's not so hard to find. Actor Denis Leary was once comedian Denis Leary, and tacked this song onto his otherwise spoken-word 1993 No Cure For Cancer CD, which, along with a handful of other songs on the album just plays into the cliche of comedians all secretly wanting to be musicians. Especially when he did an episode of MTV's unplugged where he played this song.. Anyhoo, check out Denis Leary's "Traditional Irish Folk Song," it's pretty funny.

Download (2.4MB / 1:30)

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NEXT WEEK ... It's Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau's birthday! So we have a couple of Doonesbury tracks to choose from! So... do you want the Reagan rapping one, or the not-Reagan rapping one?

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