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WTF Friday! Can Satan Read Your Mind?

Welcome to a new weekly feature here on our stupid, stupid blog: WTF Friday! Pictures of weird things we find!!!

This week's find is a undated religious pamphlet found at a junk store in Virginia. By none other than televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, who was disgraced in the 1980s, back when the televangelist-disgracing was good. Man you couldn't throw a rock with out disgracing a televangelist, or politician, back then. Good times, my friend, good times.

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Short answer: No.

But more importantly, why is Satan a Japanese Kabuki actor, and what can we do stop this Kabuki Satan!?


Gawd! I remember rounding up some of the boys, jumpin' in the truck, and going out to disgrace some evangelists. Them was the days.

Incidentally, remove the quote from the end of your link, or I'll gather up the old gang for a little disgracin'.

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