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WTF Friday is Here!

Welcome to a new weekly feature here on our stupid, stupid blog: WTF Friday! Pictures of weird things we find!!! This week's find is a strip of paper found in the parking lot of the Chapel Hill public library back in March.

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As mental cases go, this one's disappointingly brief and tame. A slip of paper?! C'mon loony, you couldn't even get a whole page out of this shocking news?! And hello? Private company OR the government? Pick one, or say BOTH! Jebus, you call this reporting?! Where's the details? How did you become privy to this information? The Men In Black try to scare you off? Did Bigfoot tell you? And you call this alarmist? I'm not even sure if you're for or against this new miracle technology! It reads like stereo instructions! And if you're going to flog a dead horse like mind control, at least pep this dead puppy up with some gripping adjectives! Try "blood-sucking," "thrice-cursed," "unholy alliance," or just plain "evil." Why, when I was a kid, we had REAL loonies!


I could write a better rant in my sleep.

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My name is Tomas!

http://www.goodsite.com/29959/hlink It's a bad link

Hehe, nice photo :)

It's a bad link

Hey, thanks. The image link is now fixed.

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