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MP3 Monday - The Talking Parakeet That Can Talk!

This Week's Star Performer!

Apropos of nothing, this week's (sorry about missing last week, won't happen again, honest) track is Kelly, the talking parakeet! Most of Kelly's 1978 album How to Have a Bird that TALKS is merely repeated phrases you play to your bird so they can learn to repeat them, thus annoying and irritating visitors. But the first track is the hook- check out what this bird can do! If you listen to it without thinking it's a bird, it's the creepiest thing ever.

Download (6.9MB / 4:13)

NEXT WEEK ... is Paul McCartney's birthday, sorry, SIR Paul McCartney's birthday. In his honor, here are some weird Beatles covers for you to vote on:

* "Yesterday" by Fascinatin' Fred Burnett. What's so fascinatin'? Steel drums! The sound of the islands! Or in this case, the sound of the hotel dining room entertainment in the islands.
* "Hey Jude and Julia" - Old school mashup, sorta. Up With People wannabes The New Hope figured out a way to sing both songs at the same time and make them sort of fit together, even though they have nothing to do with each other. Cough.
* "Fool on the Hill" - Marching Band Style!!! By the 1968-1969 Ohio University Marching band. They also do a "Best of the Beatles" medley. Nothing expresses the individualism of the 1960s better than dozens of young musicians in uniforms marching in lockstep!

Use the comments link to cast your vote NOW!!!


Look, if I get a vote, I'm choosing off the menu. I want to hear that song you have where the band destroys "Yesterday," using "Dazed and Confused" and "Rock Lobster" and whatever else to make fun of the most covered song in history (a close #2: "Achy Breaky Heart")

Hmm, am I too late? If I still have a say, you gotta love steel drums, so it must be "Yesterday".

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