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MP3 Monday - May Day

WROQ Q95 Carolijna Tracks

MAY DAY! All da comrades in the house throw your hands in the air from each according to their ability to each according to their need, like you just don't care! Here's this week's track: "Disco Communist" from the 1979 North Carolina compilation album Carolina Tracks Take One, put out by radio station WROQ Q95. Whereas The Dead Kennedys once equated disco with fascism (in "Saturday Night Holocaust"), this local novelty instead equates disco with communism! What "ism" does disco most make YOU think of?!

Download (6.3MB / 3:52)

WROQ Q95 Carolijna Tracks

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM does not necessarily support communism, or fascism.

Next Week: VOTE NOW

No theme next week, just a grab bag o' total randomness. Now CHOOSE!

*Instructions on how to operate your CB radio, good buddy!

*The creepiest talking parakeet, ever.

*Famous horror actor Vincent Price giving you his recipe for rumaki.

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Vincent Price AND rumaki? How could I resist?

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