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Steve McQueen kicks ass

Hey hey hey we're back on a new server, and we accidentally lost an installation of MP3 Monday. Doh! So first off, here's the track from last time, "Beware of the Blob" from the 1958 film The Blob, starring Steve McQueen:

Download (4.2 MB / 2:34)

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM does not support alien blobs from outer space coming to our planet and taking jobs away from our hard-working native-born monsters.

Next Week: VOTE NOW

Next Monday is April 30th, but the day AFTER that is May Day, when all the commies let their hair down for a day. So let's kick it Cold War style, with some communist themed songs. Can I get a "Da, comrade"?! The glorious choices are:

*"Disco Communist" - Totally obscure novelty track by the Charlotte, North Carolina band SemiNot. Remember disco? Of course not, you baby-faced teen. But if you did, then you also remember the anti-disco backlash! Here's a cultural artifact pushing the disco/communism connection. A personal fave.

*"Vietnam Will Win" - A pro-commie Vietnam war epic by The Red Star Singers, an honest-to-gosh Commie folk/choir group. From their 1974 album The Force of Life. I'd call this song prophetic, but calling a Vietnam War winner in 1974 is pretty damn late in the game.

*"Governor Sargent's Racist Cutbacks Blues" - From an early 1970s album by the ragingly communist Progressive Labor Party, this track is apparently about then-Massachusettes Governor Francis W. Sargent. Why am I including a song with such dated, specific references? Probably because it's to the tune of the famous Chuck Berry oldie "Memphis, Tennesee."

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