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MP3 Monday - Rumaki!

Vincent Price - Bounty Of Paradise.jpg

From the Van Gogh-Gogh vinyl vaults comes this bacon-wrapped nugget: Horror-meister Vincent Price slumming for Nelson Industries on the 1977 album Vincent Price International Cooking Course - Bounty of Paradise. Here, his rich, mellifluous voice dives into the South Seas and comes up with this pearl, his recipe for rumaki. No, I cannot explain it beyond the Van Gogh-Goghs standard explanation for why talented people do things seemingly beneath them: Brother needed a check! I'm pretty sure most of Hollywood operates on this gold-plated principle. Anyway, there are chicken livers in rumaki but listen to Vincent and don't be squeamish!

Download (7.3MB / 4:37)

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM does not support selling out, but damn we sure need a check.

Next Week: VOTE NOW

Next Monday, May 14th, is the 59th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel, so let's kick it Jew-style. Oy, such a choice to have to make:

*Famous jew Mel Brooks RAPPING, yes, you heard me, rapping - wait it gets even better- rapping "The Hitler Rap," a novelty number he did inspired by his own 1983 film To Be Or Not To Be

*On the 1959 spoken word album Secrets that Make Star Salesmen Tick, "Certified Professional Salesman" Jack Lacy lectures a crowd on how to be a better salesman, then randomly and apropros of nothing goes off into a totally unrelated joke about Hitler and jews that manages to be both anti-Hitler and anti-Semitic at the same time, a truly great accomplishment all star salesmen should know.

*'I Got Rhythm," the famous song by famous Jewish composer George Gershwin, interpreted here by slightly lesser known jew Gershon Kingsley on the Moog synthesizer.

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