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Blast from the Previous!

You know, there was a time, back around the turn of the century, when this site was the shit. We had all the latest, most cutlery-like edges of any humor site on the net. Now, well, any dipshit with an old, dogeared copy of Truly Tastless Jokes Vol. III and a pirated copy of Flash can so this. But, back in the day, it was about craft. About caring, about hard work with minimal rewards. Hardscrabble days, but happy ones. Like a Dorthea Lang photo with a laptop. You get the idea.

Anyway, back then we had this great VGG interactive sketch toy, Pixel 3000. I always liked it, so here it is again! Oh, and it uses the rapidly obsolescing Shockwave, so be ready.



Ah for the good old days, when comedy meant a dogeared copy of Truly Tastless Jokes Vol. II (with the "Dead Baby Jokes" section bookmarked) and a pirated copy of Shockwave.

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