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Win a Date Entry #14

Name: Traci
Use three gerunds to describe yourself: shapeshifting, nerfhearding, laughing
Do you like piña coladas?:Yes
And getting caught in the rain?:No
Are you not into yoga?:Yes
Do you have half a brain?:No

What do you look for in a T. Mike?:
A sweet, affectionate, down to earth, blow my mind lay!
How hot would you say you are?:really Hot
How big a bowl do you need for a haircut?:Cereal

Describe your perfect date:
Are you serious? God! I always have to do this with every personal ad I enter. ok. ummmm... My perfect date would be a long walk on the beach, West Coast, drinks, staying up all night talking, then ending up back at your place so I can leave with out having to feel bad about kicking your ass out in the morning... Of course if your chaperone is up for it too, well that is a different date all together...

Where would you take T. Mike on this date:
To see the new Crockadile Dundee flick. I mean COME ON!! Is there anywhere else??
Is any special equipment required for the date you have in mind?:No
If the VGGs weren't forking out the cash for this, who would pay for your date:Go Dutch.
So, uh, do you have a sister?:Sorry, no.
You do realize that we're not paying your way to LA if you do happen to win?:Yes

Anything else you'd like to add?:
I am not blond. (for you Californian's) I might be a natural redhead... I am hot. I am not married, well...ok we'll go with that. I am funny. Well I like to think so. I helped start 2 Improv Comedy Troups. www.comedyresponseunit.com and www.gorgeousladiesofcomedy.com (played hooky on picture day.) So I think I can keep up with a cynical T Mike if need be. I am not afraid to be a lady or fart in public if the mood hits. I work for Turner Brodcasting and one day hope to find my horse to ride away on. I am not really looking for the Prince, since the ones I find always, 1. have no job, 2. no car, or 3. gay But if you, T Mike are my prince I will let you ride away with me. I will take you away and you will never be heard from again. Are you ready for that sacrafice. So when is this date anyway??? I eman hey, I am all about coming cross country, but I need a wee bit of notice here... You should pick me, because we would have fun! And I have been addicted to Furniture Porn for months!

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