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Win a Date Entry #13

Name: Cheryl
Use three gerunds to describe yourself: cute, funny, outer limits!
Do you like piña coladas?:Yes
And getting caught in the rain?:Yes
Are you not into yoga?:Yes
Do you have half a brain?:Yes

What do you look for in a T. Mike?:
Just a fun guy to hang around with. T. Mike already has the sense of humor I like - perverted!
How hot would you say you are?:Super Hot
How big a bowl do you need for a haircut?:T. Mike's Bowl

Describe your perfect date:
A perfect date would be getting to the second date. ;-)

Where would you take T. Mike on this date:
How x-rated can I get here?
Is any special equipment required for the date you have in mind?:Yes
If the VGGs weren't forking out the cash for this, who would pay for your date:Dine and Dash.
So, uh, do you have a sister?:Yep, but she's too good for you dopes.
You do realize that we're not paying your way to LA if you do happen to win?:Yes

Anything else you'd like to add?:
First off, I enjoy traveling and enjoy the L.A. area. The T. Mike would be an excellent reason for me to go west. Now I don't know why you're having trouble getting dates, you're a very attractive man from this goofy photo on here. Why should you pick me? In short, I'm fun. We would have a good time out on the town checking out the sites and if the chemistry is right, we might check out each other's sites too. ;-)

Seeing how I have a chemistry background, getting the right mixture shouldn't be a problem.

So to T. Mike, I say pick me! I'm cute, fun and the opposite sex too (thumbs up on that statement, right?). Besides, how many other single women are going to apply for this one?

And since these VGG chaperones don't have a life, we'll just have to give them something to post on this site!

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