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Win a Date Entry #15

Name: John
Use three gerunds to describe yourself: Idon'tknow, whatagerund, is
Do you like piña coladas?:Yes
And getting caught in the rain?:No
Are you not into yoga?:Yes
Do you have half a brain?:No

What do you look for in a T. Mike?:
GEEK!!! I'm a total geek fetishist. The nerdier the better!
How hot would you say you are?:Super Hot
How big a bowl do you need for a haircut?:Null

Describe your perfect date:
ever see revenge of the nerds: nerds in love?
any scene from that movie would do!

Where would you take T. Mike on this date:
I'm guessing,to some trendy computer trade show, or antique market. LA is his town, I'd leave it up to him
Is any special equipment required for the date you have in mind?:Yes
If the VGGs weren't forking out the cash for this, who would pay for your date:Dine and dash.
So, uh, do you have a sister?:No, but even if I did, I'd claim not to.
You do realize that we're not paying your way to LA if you do happen to win?:Yes

Anything else you'd like to add?:
Why pick me?

because I'm cute as a button
and dumb as a stump
I really like geeks
and I'm quick to get drunk.

'nuff said?

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