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Win a Date Entry #12

Name: Shannen
Use three gerunds to describe yourself: sharp, liberal , sexy
Do you like piña coladas?:Yes
And getting caught in the rain?:Yes
Are you not into yoga?:Yes
Do you have half a brain?:Yes

What do you look for in a T. Mike?:
Nice teeth,........thats about it. Just nice teeth.
How hot would you say you are?:Super Hot
How big a bowl do you need for a haircut?:Soup

Describe your perfect date:
The Perfect Date: Am not from California so don't have a lot of wonderful ideas as far where to go. I am usually happy if a I get a Pork Chop sometime through out the night. I am a big fan of Pork products. I also like drinks, and would like to go to a strip club in L.A. if at all possible. I think that would be a fun date. Or perfect for this situation at least.

Where would you take T. Mike on this date:
As stated above, am not from the L.A. area or even in California so dont know where a cool place to go is. I would have to trust T. Mike on where to go.
Is any special equipment required for the date you have in mind?:No
If the VGGs weren't forking out the cash for this, who would pay for your date:Go Dutch.
So, uh, do you have a sister?:Sorry, no.
You do realize that we're not paying your way to LA if you do happen to win?:Yes

Anything else you'd like to add?:
Have been sitting here trying to think of somethign really clever to say but nothign is coming to mind. It's been 15 mins. now,.....still nothing. I think I am really funny but my co-workers disagree. They just don't understand a dry sense of humor. When I first fell on to the furniture porn wes-site I about died. That is the funniest shit I have ever seen. I work for HP and we are all a bunch of lame asses here so I decided I would send out an inter-office memo with the link on it. It went over great with the boss, for days he walked around the office saying stuff like," Hot gay teen lawn chairs". It was pricless. I think i would be a fun date. I would date me if I could. I don't know if a pic is a pre-requisite but I will send on on anyway. Never hurts. Recently got in a wreck and have to wear a neck brace for a week, was going to take a pic of me and the brace but stupid digital camera is broken. Maybe if I am chosen I will bring it along,...............
Thanks for your consideration.

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