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Worst Things to Steal From A Hotel Room

You're gonna take something from a hotel room. It's your God given right. Hotel's already figure some amount of loss into the price of the stay. So go ahead, take a few towels, pillow cases, coffee makers, and bed frames. You've paid for it! If everyone quit stealing from hotels at this very moment, do you think the price of a room would go down? NO!

But before you get too carried away there are a few things that just aren't worth stealing from hotels. The purpose of taking things from your temporary housing is not just to "stick it to the man". You want to take things that are useful to you, or at least has some sort of kitsch value.

Here are a few things the Van Gogh-Goghs have found to be not worth your time, effort or risk of prosecution to steal.

Hotel Hangers
The Hotel Clothes Hanger

Hotel Map
The Map of the Hotel and the Hotel Fire Exits

Luggage Rack
The Luggage Rack

The Door Peep Hole

The Sink Trap


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