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Al's Journal Signs we saw AM Radio Update
AM Radio Report

Ain't No Radio, Like AM Radio 'Cause the AM Radio Don't Stop!

While on the road to Seattle the Van Gogh-Goghs will keep you posted on what we see as well as hear. Eventually, our CD's, tapes, 45's and wax cylinders will become boring and we'll venture into the world of AM Radio. If we hear anything funny, stupid, crazy (bad way), or strange (both good and bad ways), we'll post it here.

  • ? in Washington state- Flipping thru AM radio channels, Charles and Galen heard the random quote "...the mayor found shopping carts in the woods." They immediately flipped back to hear how the mayor was going to take action on this problem. We were all just relieved the mayor is attending to this personally.

  • 1400's AM in Washington state- We heard the UFO Landing/Taking Off Channel. A station of nothing but the continuous loop of the ascending and descending alien tones that signify- hey! Lookout! UFO landing/taking off here, buddy!

  • 900 AM outside Kettleman City, CA- We heard a commercial advertising "...the Biblical way to debt consolidation."

  • 1080 AM near Stockton, CA- We heard what is apparently the insect station, the entire sound output consisting of a high pitched chirping whine, somewhat similar to a cricket or cicada.

  • 1470 AM near Redding, CA- We heard another insect station, this one consisting of the more popular "buzzing" sound, instead of that snooty, stuck-up, wine-and-cheese-crowd high pitched chirping whine.


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