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Al's Journal AM Radio Update! Seattle Signs Shake Mittens for 5 pts
Jason earns 5 points:
The cold way

Oh man. Don't ever do this. Even if you find yourself in some stupid traveling points game thing. What these pictures can't convey is the cold. The searing, mind-and-nerve-numbing cold. First, it was terribly cold outside. Then, I plunged both my hands, which normally enjoy the toasty warmth of my armpits or groin, directly into that most rare and frigid of McDonald's shakes, the Egg Nog shake. Dear sweet God it hurt. The sticky, sickly sweet cold cut through my palms and fingers like an icy, too-sweet knife. I shrieked to Galen to take the goddamn picture, then immediately flung the filthy things down and bolted into the bathroom, to soothe my paralyzed hands under the welcoming warmth of a McDonalds's bathroom spigot. No points were worth that.


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