A Message from the President:

     We here at PLEXICON have been wanting to diversify and grow our company into the web-based Internet arena for some time now. With the acquistion of the web portal formerly known as the Van Gogh-Gogh World Wide Webquarters 2000, we feel securely positioned for future dynamic change and opportunity. Rest assured, PLEXICON will continue to bring amusingness to the web in the manner to which you had been acustomed with the aforementioned Van Gogh-Goghs sketch comedy troupe. However, not just humor, but important product and corporate news also will be able to be promulgated over the "Internet," increasing corporate efficiency and efficaciousness.

                    Yours in profits,
                    John Plexicon
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Pull up a chair and meet Alan Benson, America's laff pundit! Galen Black, who never met a joke he didn't like! T. Mike Childs, like Twain, doesn't get older, just more bitter! Discover what makes the angry young man of comedy, Charles Rempel, so angry. Rob Terrell is PLEXICON's Chief Technical Officer... of comedy! Jason Torchinsky is cute as a bug and almost as tall!
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