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PLEXICON is superbly positioned to become a driving force behind the provision of low-cost Internet broadband solutions as well as online content and services, thanks to the establishment of our new Web Humor and Corporate Portal, and a partnership deal valued at $300 million with a BIG company that we can't mention here, but let's just say their name has three initials, know what we mean? PLEXICON is proud to offer e-commerce and content providers a unique opportunity to allow us to reach a new, higher, more focused stock price.

In conjunction with leading Internet companies such as ConSulComCo, the Swingline Owners Group, the Kremlin Fried Chicken corporation, the Food on the Grill restaurant chain, Furniture Porn, and many others, PLEXICON now hosts its very own Web-Portal and Online Community. In order to provide the PLEXICON user with a complete gateway to the best sites and services the Internet has to offer, PLEXICON has tailored its "internet community" to be as comprehensive and dynamic as possible by using broadband. We are currently accepting proposals from online service and information related web-sites for inclusion into all areas of PLEXICON's embedded broadband community. Did we mention broadband?

PLEXICON also has opportunities for categorical ad placement, affiliate links and venture capitalists. For more information about PLEXICON and the PLEXICON Web Humor and Corporate Portal, contact New Business Development at PLEXICON@vgg.com.
P.S. Broadband!
Shake! Good boy!

Join the growing list of content providers slated for display as category sponsors. Attaching content and branding vertically is a powerful method for creating brand association in the mind of the Internet consumer. We offer this option throughout our directory in a wide range of consumer categories. Exclusivity and run-of-site broadband options are available to drive traffic for premium content aggregation.

Embedded PLEXICON community = Low Churn
Broadband/Cable Modem ISP portal = High Viewership
Comprehensive, high quality content = sticky, red eyeballs
Differentiated Customizability = Focused Consumer Unit Groups
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