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In the early 20th century, Henry Ford's dream was that everyone could own an automobile except for Jews. Now, in a new millennium, PLEXICON President John Plexicon has dreamt Ford one better, the dream that everyone could visit the PLEXICON Web Humor and Corporate Portal, and making it a realistic goal for just about everyone, even Jews. Welcome to the birth of another affordable dream, one that lessens the gap between the "Jews" and the "not-Jews" and brings the races closer together in a non-sexual way.

Today, with all but a few homes without telephones, VCRs or microwave ovens, and those homes in dirty, faraway countries, PLEXICON believes every home and school needs and deserves access to the PLEXICON Web Humor and Corporate Portal. Yes, PLEXICON provides the smoothest, quietest ride on the "Information Suprahighway," breaking barriers many thought unthinkable.

Founded in 1891 as Plexicon Heavy Amalgamated Industries Consolidated, privately held PLEXICON began as a small independent business. As it spread to a nationwide business and then to foreign countries, PLEXICON fought the red tide of communism where-ever it found it. As the company's retail point-of-sale product began to enjoy industry-leading acceptance, the company realized that growth through innovative solutions was becoming crucial to future success. Growth has been nothing short of amazing.

World War Two saw PLEXICON, then Plexicon Industries and Associates, leap to the forefront of the processed meat byproduct market. PleemTM became the country's top number three seller of processed meat byproducts fit for human consumption. In addition to war profiteering, PLEXICON helped keep America free by inventing a revolutionary new kind of barbed wire for use in the Japanese Internment Camps. The return of our boys from "over there" saw Pleem sales skyrocket as G.I.'s bought the good ol' taste of PleemTM at the local grocery store, addicted to an alkaloid used in the flensing process.
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In the fifties, business was anything but dull as PLEXICON's innovative paradigm model ranked as the nation's top choice for affordable business solutions. Through a "just-in-time" production strategy that kept overhead at a minimum, the company implemented a direct sales approach based on high-volume, low-cost, and continued procurement while passing along incredible savings to each and every customer. This exemplary methodology kept PLEXICON profitable during the disastrous years of "Ike-enomics."

Today, in addition to a groundbreaking business approach in the crowded Internet arena, PLEXICON is also a good corporate citizen. Realizing that thousands of schoolchildren have never been exposed to a PC, the company has embarked on a plan to force children at gunpoint to look at one. In addition, PLEXICON has made many charitable, tax-deductible donations of industrial effluent to schools around the country. In fact, the company has made numerous charitable contributions that have been noted nationally.

The news announcement that PLEXICON was introducing itself to the world of affordable Web Humor and Corporate Portals took the business world by storm. Within hours widespread media coverage appeared in numerous top-tier business and trade publications. The phones were ringing off the hook with media inquiries and the PLEXICON web site came to halt as a result of more that 7 jillion hits from inquiring consumers. Since then, in addition to broadcast coverage on more than 100 national radio and television outlets, the PLEXICON phenomenon has been highlighted in such leading press outlets as the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, New York Times, Business Week, NewsWeek and more than 60 daily and weekly newspapers. As a result, America's dream that "everyone deserves to see the PLEXICON Web Humor and Corporate Portal" is now becoming a reality.
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