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Santa ONLY Smokes Chesterfields.

Much has been written about the mythic figure of Santa Claus, but one question remains. What brand of cigarettes does Santa prefer? Or to put it another way: WWSS? What would Santa smoke? Here's your answer folks: Chesterfields! So if you choose to smoke, and you want Santa to come to YOUR house, why not forgo the milk and cookies, and leave out a carton of Santa' favorite brand o' smokes, Chesterfield! Hey, Santa dropped the pipe ages ago, my friend. Do you know how hard it is to load a pipe in a crowded, jostling sled while rocketing through the air past the speed of sound? Santa ruined many a pair of good pants that way. He almost switched to dip, but then some elf turned him on to the smooth rich flavor of Chesterfields, the cigarette that really pleases your T-Zone!

Dammit Santa! You whore!

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