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December 21, 2006

The more you know...

Part of being a Van Gogh-Gogh means you're going to have to do some court-ordered community service. We usually cop out by doing some Public Service Announcements. Here's one for you now!

December 11, 2006

Our Bad: Comments Are Now Working!

We owe you an apology. We've been calling you folks douchebags and warmongers for over a month since you haven't given us any comments or feedback! Then... we... found out that our comments system wasn't working. We were the douchbags, and... well, we also did warmonger a bit, as well. A bit. So we humbly apologize, and invite you all to SPEAK OUT once again, and exercise your freedom of speech! SOUND OFF!!! You can start with our SNL Fantasy League.

December 07, 2006

Whole Lotta Crazy Christmas Links!

Hey we got you a Christmas present! Open it! Open it! That's right! Used men's underwear! The tight, white kind! Perfect for everbody! You don't have a problem with used clothing do you? Aw c'mon! Greenpeace and all that crap! Save the planet! Save the whales! Save me some money!

Alright fine, you ungrateful Nimrod. Here: Christmas comedy! And here's some more, even:
Home Made Gifts
A Holiday Tale
Van Gogh-Goghs to Participate in Ritualized Capitalist Excess
Winter Holidays Announce Three-Way Strategic Merger
Holiday Season Marketing Effort

I hope you choke on it.