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November 27, 2006

Christmas Shop the VGG Way!

VBBtshirt.jpg Snazz up your life, or the life of a friend, relative, or co-worker, and buy Van Gogh-Gogh crap for Christmas presents. Visit our VGG CafePress store for t-shirts, coffemugs, mousepads, and God know what all else. Wait... sorry I have to take this... yello.... hi God! What's that God? We have Bears Did Terrible Things To Me t-shirts? Awesome! Look like the superhero with the worst origin ever!

November 22, 2006

In honor of Robert Altman...

...who just passed away a few days ago, the Van Gogh-Goghs would like ot present this, the only Robet Altman-related thing I think we have. Enjoy, and give our best to Abe Lincoln, Bob.

November 08, 2006


Senator Ook

Dammit. Yesterday we made our election prediction that NO howler monkeys would be elected. We honestly thought that now-Senator-Elect Ook had no chance of getting elected. Looks like the American public was more fed up with the Republican Party than we thought. Also, don't bother emailing us about Congressman Ooohaha, he's a spider monkey and was a shoo-in for re-election. That's why we specified no howler monkeys.


November 07, 2006

Another Van Gogh-Goghs Helpful Tip

Tip number 105: When you're buying liquour for your shower, remember:

Buy your spirits in plastic bottles, because the tub can get really slippery and you're drunk.

If you need to, you may wish to consider decanting your spirits from their glass containers into a plastic bottle, such as a Mrs.Butterworth's bottle, who's pleasing feminine form allows for a good grip.

Just another helpful tip from your friends at vgg.com.

November 06, 2006

Happy Election Day!

While you're voting, take a moment to reflect back to six years ago, when the Van Gogh-Goghs held the 1st online election for Movie President of the United States of America. Our nigh-prescient election had Alan Alda winning the election. Alda, as California Senator Arnold Vinick, would have won the 2006 election on The West Wing, if John Spencer, the actor playing his opponent's vice presidential candidate, had not died in real life (See this article.) So with such a record under our belt, we feel free to prognosticate again. This time, we're going out on a limb and say absolutely NO howler monkeys will be elected.