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Get Your Copy Today!

So last week, we got this email:

From: "Tracy Geller"
Date: July 26, 2006 3:28:55 PM PDT
To: Subject: I want to sell your comedy cds through our stores

I've spent a lot of time at your Van Gogh Goghs website and I think your
comedy cds are perfect for our stores. I especially like your cd "Keepin' It
Real". We work hand in hand with the largest stores in the country, plus
thousands of small to medium sized specialty businesses stretched across the
U.S.. If you want the opportunity to sell your products through major
retailers like Target, Barnes & Noble, Virgin Records, Borders, QVC, HSN,
etc ... plus the other 16826 bookstores, 51005 gift stores, 10337 music
stores, and over 24000 mail-order catalogs ... check us out at

Tracy Geller

Okay. Seems like a usual mass-mailing kind of thing, but what seems odd about this one is that they referenced (and misspelled) a fake comedy album we had buried on the site, called "Keepin' it Reel." So you know what this album is that this company is eager to distribute, here's the description:

Keepin' It Reel

Label: No Cows Records
Catalog No. TMC-001
Produced by Jeremy Rankin
Recorded: Christmas 1993

T. Michael Childs had one great idea: a Christmas comedy album. This is that album. He also had three terrible ideas. First, the title, Keepin' It Reel, did not convey the Christmas theme properly. Second, the album was released on Christmas Day, a day when no one wants to buy Christmas albums. Three, the material on the album deals neither with Christmas nor comedy, but rather is a psychotic rant about pancake batter. The only thing even remotely close to Christmas comedy is the track "Christmas Slug Bathhouses." This track starts with Childs screaming, "Christmas slug bathhouses!", then continued with his pancake batter diatribe. Sadly, T. Mike failed to keep it reel, or real. This album is no longer in print.

Sounds great to me! I think we're going to do it! We can make the actual album in about two hours, and from there on, it's pure profit.

Thanks, Tracy! Great A & R work! This one's gonna be big!

More fake albums you may want to distribute can be found here.

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