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Calling All Jews! Mr.Gibson Needs Our Help!

So by now all of America and her collective cat have probably had a chuckle at Mel Gibson's booze-fueled tirade about us Jews, and how we love warmongering and whatnot-- and now he's sobered up, and, like all drunks, is feeling a mite fragile. And he wants our help.

Granted, he seemed to be asking this of Jewish leaders, but in a crazy religion like ours without a clear hirearchy (we ain't got no pope) I figure we all need to pitch in.

So, get ready to work some double shifts, Jews! I'll be pointjew for the west coast; any volunteers for the east?

Grab your handpuppets, snacks, and massage rollers! We've got a job to do!


Fellow Jews, DO NOT apologize. Keep him in jail. Also, boycott all his movies and such. He is THE Neo-Nazi. Put him down.
-A fellow Jew.

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