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When we think of the words "horny and dateless," we immediately think of one thing: the average Van Gogh-Gogh web site visitor! And T. Mike. That's why we decided to hold the Win A Date With T. Mike Contest.

So now the Win A Date with T. Mike contest is over. Thanks to all who sent in entries! The rest of you who didn't enter, especially the really hot ones, thanks for nothing. Our judges are poring over the entries, sifting through our mountain of entries to find the perfect match for T. Mike. A lucky, lucky winner will be selected and forced to have unsavory details about their date with T. Mike posted here! But later, so back off, you animals! It promises to be a splendid time for dater, datee and voyeuristic websurfer alike!*

Read the entries.

Who is T. Mike? Why, T. Mike is quite simply the most dateable Van Gogh-Gogh on the planet, bar none. Well, except for Alan, or any of the other Van Gogh-Goghs willing to cheat on their wives, girlfriends, or current mistresses. But other than them, dateable, thy name is T. Mike.

As well as being a witty, urbane, well-educated man about town, Mr. Childs is a Van Gogh-Gogh in good standing, the creator of such original humor pieces as Furniture Porn and the Rocklopedia Fakebandica, and the owner of multiple fezzes. T. Mike livens up any room, whether it's our empty practice space or his empty apartment, where he is just as likely to whip up a pound cake or a pot of chili as he is to spend an entire weekend engrossed in a nerdy computer game. He's just that kind of guy.

To inspect T. Mike in 3D, click here!

Oh, and here's the rules for the Win a Date With T. Mike Contest.

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