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"Your source for late-breaking
news about the Van Gogh-Goghs
and other trifling affairs."


Vol. 2, Issue 9.5..........10/11/99

And from across the land, a cry goes up: "What the
freak?! You told us we were only going to get this
stupid thing once a month, around the 20th! It's like,
uh, hold on, I'm not so good with math...one week would
be the 13th, minus two, carry the one...so that's....
It's like more than a week early!"

To which we say "sorry, but it's kinda important. And
it's short. So cool your jets and read on." The reason
you're getting this super-brief Theo Report Extra is
that our latest show, "Hooray for the Seven Deadly
Sins," got:

a) reviewed favorably in the L.A. Weekly, and
b) extended for three more weeks at Masquers Cabaret!


So you now have three more chances to come see the show
the L.A. Weekly called "this predominantly funny
revue." Or, if you'd prefer, three more chances to make
up excuses why you're not coming.

You can read the review yourself at
Or just feast your orbs on some of the praise heaped on
us: "riotous," "boyish enthusiasm," "explosively
energetic," "satirical," "a shame," and "reserved." That's
right, Van Gogh-Gogh friends and family, we are


Thanks to this review (and some very supportive
crowds), the owner of Masquers Cabaret asked us to
extend the show for three more weeks. So we'll be there
for every Saturday in October. Here's the info:

* SATURDAY, OCT. 16, 23, and 30th

PLACE: Masquers Cabaret and Dinner Theater,
8334 W. Third St., West Hollywood
TIME: 9:15 p.m. (curtain at 9:30 p.m.)
PARKING: Valet and some on-street

You can get directions at

Oh, and there'll be a halloween party after the 30th
show, so plan to stick around.



You know, no one has even tried to get this month's
shirt giveaway. The question is:

When and where (including street address) is our
November show?

Email the answer, your name and mailing address, and
shirt size to <thevggs@vgg.com>. It's first-come,
first-served, so get on the ball.

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