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Say Friend, Where Is The
Van Gogh-Goghs' Next Show?

Wanna see the Van Gogh-Goghs live? Of course you do! Well, to see the show, you gotta get to the venue. Sounds crazy, but it works.

Here's one way of getting to our performance location, but you can also get there via other routes. Still can't find the place? Email us for directions.

Saturday, JANUARY 27: 7:45 pm

The Comedy Store
8433 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles

  1. Jeez, do you really need directions to the Comedy Store? Fine. OK. Go to the 101 and head toward the Hollywood Bowl.
  2. When you get to the area of the Hollywood Bowl, take the Highland Avenue/Hollywood Bowl exit.
  3. You'll be on Cahuenga. Follow that toward L.A. (it's the big city in front of you).
  4. Cahuenga turns into Highland. Hooray!
  5. Turn right onto Sunset and drive for a while.
  6. After passing Crescent Heights Boulevard (where the Virgin Megastore is), start looking to your right.
  7. You'll pass the Chateau Marmont. Neat, huh?
  8. Three blocks after Crescent Heights, you'll see the Comedy Store on your right. Stop.
The Comedy Store has valet parking, and you'll probably be able to park on the street. We'll be in the Belly Room — enter 'round back. Admission is free!

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