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Ask Dr. Joe!

Question for the Good Doctor:

Hey Joe, I've been kinda worried about something. I drink almost no milk, but I eat my weight in saturated fats: hams, sausages... pretty much anything with a fatty sheen, I'm all over it. My doctor said that I was getting some kind of fat buildup in my arteries, and that the calcium in my bones had almost totally disappeared. What's he talking about? Am I in some kind of danger?

Dr. Joe's Wise Reply:

This is a common misconception. Let me clear this up right now: you don't need calcium in your diet as long as you eat fat-- and lots of it! The process of osteoporosis, or the loss of bone calcium, is more than offset by arteriosclerosis, which is commonly known as the "hardening of the arteries."

So eventually your arteries will harden and become your body's skeletal support, and your blood supply will flow freely through your now-hollow bones. Pretty cool, eh? That's just nature's way.

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