On the Road: Looking at America Through a Layer of Filth, Grime and Bug Guts

Tucumcari, NM

After Cadillac Ranch it was time to get back on the interstate and try to make it to Gallup before it was time to sleep. When we got to New Mexico we stopped to eat in a town called Tucumcari, aka the "Land of the 2000 rooms." The town used to be a favorite stop for travelers many years ago. I thought it would be cool to try out one of the old drive-in restaurants that seemed to be in every town we passed. I picked out a place called the Westerner, and now I know why everybody these days chooses to stick with the tried and true while traveling. This place was bad. Now even though I learned first hand why people go to McDonald's and Burger King on their travels, that does not mean I condone the act. The meal might have been bad, but it didn't kill me. Besides, how much better could a Whopper be? Well, in this place's case 100 percent better, but that says more about how bad this place was, rather than how good a Whopper is.

Disappointed in our meal, but pleased we didn't eat at a franchise we rode off into the sunset. As we exited Tucumcari, I was surprised to find a monument to Route 66 that I had never heard of. It looked pretty modern and clean, so I'm guessing it's not very old. It's a statue of two giant sixes and a car's tail fin, all made of polished stainless steel. After a day of exploring the Mother Road, this was a wonderful way to say good night to old 66.

Route 66 Sculpture

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