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Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch, TX

We drove through Amarillo and saw some of the town, and then we started looking for Cadillac Ranch. It's not so much a ranch as it is art. Even though the book I had, gave directions to the place, we couldn't find it. After a reasonable hunt I stopped at an RV park and asked for directions. When I asked the owner where Cadillac Ranch was, a "you're the upteenth person to ask me that today" look came to her face. She rolled her eyes and went through her perfectly memorized directions. I thanked her for her time and promised if I ever drove through Amarillo in an RV, I would stop for the night at her place. She told me to get out and take my lies with me. I obliged.

Off the highway in an old wheat field, just west of Amarillo, in a single file row, are 10 1950's Cadillacs partially buried into the ground with their tail fins pointing toward the sky at an easternly slant. A well worn path leads you to a clearing in the field where the cars stand. If you didn't know any better, and you were too immersed in the Sci Fi channel or the X files, you might think some aliens did this on a drunken party trip to Earth. But if you think about it, only one being could do something like this, an eccentric rich guy, with a farm and 10 vintage cars cluttering up his yard. The cars are an ever changing art exhibit. Everyone stopping by with a can of spray paint contributes to the work. Graffiti covers the cars. I don't know if the owner wanted people to do this, but it sure does look wonderful. One man's junk is another man's art. Here is the prove. I spent about an hour roaming around the cars. I looked closely at the graffiti and the automobiles and snapped some pictures. I think I spent 2 rolls of film at this one place. Cadillac Ranch was only topped by the Grand Canyon for most photographed spot on the trip.

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