On the Road: Looking at America Through a Layer of Filth, Grime and Bug Guts

The Road Kill Cafe
The Roadkill Steak House

Wendell and I drove away from the Canyon, glancing back from time to time to try and get one last peak of the view. Soon there was no light left in the sky and it officially had become night. We drove down the highway looking for our way back to the interstate. There wasn't much on the road between the Canyon and interstate 40, but we did pass the Flintstone motor home and RV park. Oh, how I wish we had been traveling in an old Airstream trailer, it would have been a great place to camp for the night. But we couldn't have stopped even if we had had an RV, we only had two more days left before Wendell's plane for North Carolina took off from Los Angeles Airport. We didn't have anytime to spare. Once we got to the interstate we started to look for a gas station and a place to eat. It was getting late and our choices for dinning were slim. We found gas and a few minutes later we found a place to eat.

We stopped in Selligman, Arizona for gas and drove through the city to find a restaurant. It was nearing 10 o'clock and this sleepy town was ready for bed. As we drove into one place's parking lot, the interior lights went out and their exterior sign went dark. We tried not to take it personally, but deep down it hurt.

We kept looking for food and finally found the last open restaurant in Selligman, the "Roadkill Steak House". Yum! Nothing is more appetizing than the thought of food slaughtered by the front bumper of a Chevy. Normally I avoid places with the word "Roadkill" in its title. I prefer my dinner slaughtered by trained professional butchers, not some kid with a learner's permit. I was happy to find the name of the restaurant was just a name. I wasn't happy to find out the specialty of the house was food you cook yourself. The "Roadkill" is one of those places that bring you raw hamburger and point you to a gas grill. Their motto is , "why should our chef guess how you like your dinner, when you know perfectly well how you like it." Seeing that we didn't have much choice and were very hungry, we played along with this "role reversal" restaurant. We assumed the role of chef, while the chef sat at our table and played the role of loud mouth traveling tourist. Every time we came back to the table with our burger, the chef would look at it and send us back to cook it some more. This happened twice. We finally just took our food to an empty table and ate.

After we finished our dinner, we cleared our table and swept the floor. The waitress told us we did a great job and tipped us 5 bucks. The chef tipped us nothing and was complaining because we never brought him his dessert. You just can't please some people.

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