On the Road: Looking at America Through a Layer of Filth, Grime and Bug Guts
The Grand Canyon

Seeing the Canyon
The rain finally stopped and we went outside to watch the fog lift. We stood by the edge of the canyon and watched as the clouds, acting like a Broadway curtain, slowly reveled the canyon to us. I was in awe. I had seen this place when I was 10, but I don't remember it being this beautiful. We looked and wandered around the rim for an hour or two, trying to take in the whole. I couldn't. Around every turn and with every step the scene changed and changed magnificently.

You know, I would guess that if God had to apply for a job as another god somewhere else, the Grand Canyon would probably be in his portfolio. Just think, he'd also have the aurora borealis to show the prospective employer, maybe the single cell, and just for kicks the duck billed platypus. The Grand Canyon is just spectacular. It's so good, I think God should put it on his resume.

As if the canyon didn't amaze me enough, the sun began to set while we were there. It was a show stopper. The sun's beams shot through the clouds and lit up the walls of the canyon with the color of fire. And in the middle of the spectacular sunburst, a rainbow flew up and out of the canyon and into the sky. What a finale. A few hours before I was sick with disappointment when I couldn't see the place because of the fog. Now, I was sick because it was all over in a few minutes. I pulled out my lighter and flicked it and called out for an encore. But the sun is a busy star and has other places to warm, light, and distribute vitamin D to. The sun has left the hemisphere.


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