Ulak-Tartysh, also known as Buzakshi, is a sport played in Kyrgyzstan that is best described as polo, but instead of a ball, a decapitated goat carcass. It’s also the name and subject of an arcade game I made, and passed off as genuine as part of a hoax.

It was made for the i am 8 bit show in 2008, and the story was that it was a genuine, Kyrgyz video game built in 1983; I even included a dummy circuit board inside with Soviet-bloc named chips. I had an absurd story about trying to import a Polski-Fiat and ending up with this. More details here and here.

The game is totally playable with one or two players, and was designed to fit 80s-era and Soviet bloc technological limitations, with all custom cabinet art, marquee, controls, etc.