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VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike - Brown Not good. Foamy. Too cherry cough syrupy. Big smoky aftertaste. Not finishable. 1.2
Rob Weak
Robitussin 4
Charles extra foamy cherry reddish brown cherry-def. I give up. 3
Galen Smells like the ghost of Lincoln Brown I hate licorice! So wrong it has to be right! (Dr. Right) 1
Alan There is a smell, but who can tell what it is? Light brown. No wait, dark brown. Can I give this a zero? It's a licorice stick from the middle kingdom that's been burned and arisen, phoenix-like, to suck in a new millenium. 0
Jason Cherries and cream Pine-sap brown Dum-Dum cherry lollipop wrapped in hickory-smoked turkey. Good soda for the cigar set. Interesting. 8

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