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VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Nonexistent Brown Weak. Tastes like it has a lot of backwash - the bottom of the can. A loser soda. 1.8
Rob No smell Dark, dark, dark brown Very watery, no bubbles- a waste of a dixie cup 4
Charles no smell dark dark dark brown Very watery, no bubbles, a waste of a Dixie Cup. 3
Galen Smells like a good Chicago album. brown
Alan Nothing. Nada. Zilch T. Mike's hair Hey this is just #8 cut with a buncha water. What kinda tasting are we running here? 2
Jason elusive Meronium brown oo sweet, too medicinal - like a cheap back-alley knock off soda. No care has been taken in crafting this, no kick, or fizz. An embarrassment. 1

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