Dr. Sodas

Dr. Wells

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Slightly cough syrupy Brown Flat! Mildly cough syrupy with a hint of creaminess. 4.1
Rob Not so weak Encyclopedia Brown Exactly like Dr. Pepper, only less so. 4
Charles foamy off-brown. No, brown. Creamy, watery, a bit too creamy for my taste. 3
Galen Yes, it put out the fire, but the soda's burning my chest. Red Cold cherry soup from Campbell's 6
Alan Homina homina homina ruddy reddy brown I didn't think it was creamy until Charles said "creamy." Then it was creamy. That Charles. What a nut. 3
Jason Marshmallows in marachino juice Kenneth Cole brown Hint of cream, but could be because Charles just said that. Not bad- full, rich- if any could be said to be dairy-based, it's this. 8

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