Dr. Sodas

Dr Pepper

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Slight, peppery Brown Flat. Not good. Just lies there. No bite. 4
Rob Weak Brown, deeply Al said "You're nuts."
Charles: "definitely not Dr Pepper."
Charles paper smell med. med. brown The carbonation is its only plus. 3
Galen Wait a minute, there's where I put my quarters for laundry. Brown Salt water taffy 4
Alan Feels fizzy and burning when snorted. What's that floating in it? Has an oil-slick greasiness that is a bit alarming. 3
Jason Diesel-exhaust hints Rich, old walnut Tastes like what Rob thinks Dr. Pepper tastes like. Saccharine-like taste. Quite poor. No wonder Rob seemed so glum. 1

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